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Oct 11, 2012 9:00pm EDT
about in the middle of the crisis, governor romney and we're talking about this again tonight, talked about the weakness, talked about apologies from the obama administration. is that appropriate right in the middle of the crisis? >> on that same day, the obama administration had the same position. let's recall date is about their own statement -- they disavowed their own statement. we have the same position but is never too early to speak out for our values. we should have spoken out right away when the revolution was up and starting, when the mullahs in iran were talking -- attacking their people. we should always stand up for peace, democracy, for individual rights, and we should not impose these devastating defense cuts because what that does what we equivocate on our values, when we show we are cutting our defense, it mixes more week. it projects weakness and when we look weak, our adversaries are willing to test us. they're less willing -- >> that is a bunch of malarkey. what he said is not accurate. >> be specific. >> this lecture an embassy security, the congressmen he
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> chris: let's talk about the romney record, then, let's look specifically at abortion and what romney said to the "des moines register" editorial board this week. here it is: >> there is no legislation about abortion i'm familiar with, that would become part of my agenda. >> chris: but, here is the legislation that romney has promised in his campaign to sign: a law to protect unborn children capable of feeling pain to protect them from abortion. ending federal funding of planned parenthood because of their involvement in abores and he's said he wants roe vs. wade overturned, what does he mean when he says he has no legislative agenda. >> that is cut off, and he said he'd reverse federal funding for abortion, taxpayer funding for a abortions overseas and, pea repeal obamacare, and would be a pro-life president -- >> why, did he say, no legislative agenda when there are two bills -- >> he'd signed the bills and what they talked about was the economy, obviously and that is the governor goes around the country, seen the clip yesterday in ohio and he talked about his five-part plan, for re
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
: let's finish that and then we'll talk about that. part of the problem, i have asked romney and ryan repeatedly, i asked ryan on this show, last sunday, i don't agree with you it is a $5 trillion tax cut but, i said where do you make up the $5 trillion for lowering tax rates in terms of the deductions and, the loopholes, how do you make it and, he refused to tell us, and, independent experts say even if you took away all the deductions it will not add up to $5 trillion. >> the governor said in debate he understands he has to work with both sides of the aisle. we know, right now, that for example, in the house, dave camp is working on the issue of lowering, simplifying and max baucus in the senate had discussions and he said, listen i'll work with members of both sides of the aisle. it is looking at a simpson-bowles-type law and this is not new and we know it can be done and if you go back to when it was last done, simplifying the tax code, that was of course... >> chris: simpson-bowlesere a lot more specific about lowering the rates and... >> he said he'll work across the aisle unlik
Oct 11, 2012 10:30pm EDT
my friend says that 30% of the american people are taker rom is andney -- takers and romney points out 47%, he is talking about my mother and father. he is talking about the people that built this country. all they are looking for is an even shot. levelve done it when you the playing field and they want peace of mind. the president and die on not going arrest until that playing field is level. -- to rest until the playing field is level. until they can turn to their kids and say, it is going to be ok. that is what this is all about. >> congressman ryan. >> i want to thank you as well, martha. i want to thank you, joe. it has been an honor. we face a big choice. what kind of country are we going to be? what kind of country are we going to give our kids? president obama had his chance and made his choices. his economic agenda, spending, borrowing, higher taxes, a government takeover of health care, it is not working. millions of americans are struggling to work and 15% are in poverty. this is not what a real recovery looks like. you deserve better. we want to earn your support. we ar
Oct 8, 2012 10:00pm EDT
... show a tie mitt romney ... turned to... foreign policy... on... the... cammaign trail... t. today. the... republican candidate... military institute,.../ where... he... addressed the attack ...on the u-s consulatt llbya..../ along ith iisues syria.../ afghanistan ...// ann... tough talk ...on... iran's nuclear program..../ 3obama ays: "i said we'd focus on theepeople who actually attacked us on 9/11, ann today osama bii laden is 3 romney says: "iran oday has never been closer to a nuclear weapons capability. it has nnver posed a greater danger to our frieeds, our allies, and to us." us." the back anddforth ...on... national security... beffre the two men debbte... thaa exact topicc.. and... just a few days ... before the vice presidential 3 doctors... suuported... president bbrack obama... in why... many... ow... - aboot... 10 minutesney.../in - question 7 .... is.... sparking... a... lot of controversy... in... maryland....// mmllnda rreder... breaas-down.. the umbers...tonite.../ with... an... area... expert.../ on... the impact... of... gaming... maryland as
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
mock mitt romney for proposi during last week's debate.....hoping to reduce the natioos trilllon dollar deficct.......((1:44)while wee are talking about 20 percent of the budget which is where 80 percent 3 security...defense...we don't talk about the big ppats that's my whole point..... (nats......hold for about 10 sec)(10:07)what thii add really says about the vvters are....john dede a political analysts weighs in......(10:11) people get confused by dodd frank people get confused bb pinancial regulation reforn but big biid everyone ddbate........even though he would cut funding to pbs.......he added....."i like pbb.....i likk big bird"... (nat of ad)the ppesident who was widely proclaamed the loser of lass week's debate has used that comment as a laugh line at recent camppign events........(10:51)when someone brags about getting rid of big bird and getting rrd of public televisioo its looked at like what is this guy thinking....(nats of ad) years republicans tried to go after ublic television and dems immediately respond you are declaring war agianst sesame street.
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
start romney and obama will et an opportunity to talk international relations ffce-tooface at the october will focus on foreign policy. the obama campaign releases a comment romney made during the &pfirss presidential debate. guts...outcue: its sesame street streetthe d is in response to romney saying he would cut funding to p-b-s.the comment has sparked several jokes online and on late night rrsponse from the &pbizarre moments ffr a q-v-c host... live oo air. air.nats of what happened. happened. it haapened ssnday night... as you can see host, cassie slane stopped talking in mmd-sentence... and clutchess her chest!!ut she recovers... and keeps going. going.the video assuploaded to youtube.the homeeshopping network says slane experienced a brief fainting spell and slaneehersslf posted on facebbok...she is feeling a lot better, but wwuldn't plaborate on what haapened. art from the heart... heart...the unconventional materials this artist uses... you're watching fox 45 barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven p
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7